To connect and restore re-entry and other at-risk young adult men back into healthy Alaskan communities as productive citizens, through the empowering means of education, instruction, and professional mentoring.


Our Primary Vision

To be an evidence-based, rehabilitative, and alternative educational resource for Alaska.

Our Secondary Vision

To become a community that embraces, transforms, and restores at-risk and re-entry males.


The ultimate goal for men who come to Connections Alaska, Inc. is productive citizenry within a healthy Alaskan community. To help guide men towards this goal are seven core values:


We value every man's right to choose prosperity or poverty - to work to improve his quality of life or to allow that quality of life to remain unchanged;


We value instantaneously connecting men to the provisions for daily living and health (shelter, food, clothing, and other basic needs);


We value building the esteem of men by connecting them to their Creator through inspirational worship and personal encouragement;


We value connecting men in healthy relationships with other men as mentors, learners, and friends;


We value empowering men to live productive lives by connecting them to sources of biblical and postsecondary education;


We value connecting men back into healthy Alaskan communities as productive citizens; and,


We value teaching men to be responsible for improving the quality of life for themselves and for their families.

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