Our Services

We exist to provide the following services to eligible clients. 


Image Consulting

Our 6-week course empowers students with awareness and best-practice information for enhancing employ-ability and social mobility. If you wish to attend an image consulting class, please fill-out and submit an application. Students of all ages, abilities, and life experience are welcome.


Employment Referal

We utilize our networks to apprise clients of job opportunities and community resources.

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We work with each Connections student to match them with a community professional in a mentoring relationship based on agreed upon goals. This program may be right for you if you are a 19-30 year old man in transition, or getting ready to face re-entry. 


Education advising

Entering postsecondary education is the means to upward mobility. We assist clients with resources for GED completion, ability to benefit options, and steps for enrolling in a postsecondary education program. 


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