Board of Directors

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Dr. Kim Patterson

Kim is a graduate of Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with a passion for leadership and renewal initiatives within social and faith-based communities. He is the author of Embracing the Homeless Community (2005), Swift Justice: Leveling the Playing Field for America’s Re-entry Citizens (2012), and Becoming Visible: Social Justice by the Hands of Faith-based and Grassroots Organizations (2018). He is the President and Founder of Connections Alaska, Inc.


Jason rowland, pe

Working as a mechanical engineer specializing in power generation, Jason invests his time serving to improve infrastructure in Alaskan communities. Outside of the professional workplace, Jason has over 15 years of experience in community and international volunteer work. 


Stephanie Wheeler

Stephanie is the Director of Community Living Services for the ARC of Anchorage. She is a Human Services Board Certified Practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in the Human Services profession, She is known for her advocacy work with individuals and families of poverty and homelessness. 


Jason Busby

Jayson is a local Anchorage, Alaska business owner. He is a proponent of recovery and is passionate about helping young men find faith and support towards a productive lifestyle. 



Mary is a graduate of Regent University School of Psychology in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and a Clinical  Mental Health Counselor working to help individuals and families function in healthy ways.   


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